R1 Rental

R1 Rental incorporates the best practices for rental operations. R1 Rental provides the complete solution for rental reservations, rental orders, inventory tracking, services, billing, inspections and repairs of all types of plant and mobile assets, serialized equipments and non-serialized items.

R1 Rental is fully integrated with SAP Business One ERP ( financial, inventory, sales, HR ) transaction data and processes

R1 Rental provides extensive drill downs, queries, analytics and reports to successfully manage your rental business and profitability

Key functions and benefits

  • On-line reservations that can be converted to a rental order
  • Easy entry of rental orders
  • visibility of rental inventory, display and drill-downs.
  • User defined billing periods: day, week, 14 day, 28 day, 30 day, calendar month or On return
  • Rental rates and discounts for each equipment category
  • User defined usage of meter readings for billing purposes
  • Customer or Customer Group rental rates and discounts
  • “Rents-with” display to view accessories for each rental item category
  • Alternate items to look up if a specific item is not available
  • Inspections at rental returns for any damages or repairs
  • Visibility and graphical display of all inventory at multiple warehouse locations
  • Repair Work Orders capture all labor and materials costs, and can be billed in the Rental invoice.
  • Reports on rental history and revenue by item, by equipment category, and by customer
  • Manage end-of-life disposition and replacement
  • Services charges for delivery, set-up, erection, technical services, operations and installations.
  • Labor Scheduling and dispatch facility for the technical services team.
  • Sales items can be entered into the Rental Order for billing on the next invoice.
  • Two stage billing -Draft Invoice before generating final invoice, with A/R entries in SAP Business One
  • Integrated with Repair Orders function or the M1 Maintenance package
  • Reports and queries on your rental operations and performance