M1 Maintenance

M1 is a comprehensive and integrated maintenance system with world-class maintenance practices for preventive and corrective maintenance for all types of fixed and mobile equipment and assets. It is seamlessly integrated to the SAP Business One system with a consistent and easy to use navigation.

M1 is designed for organizations responsible for the maintenance and reliability, repair, overhaul, technical and support services for equipment assets. These assets can be internally owned by your enterprise or owned by your customers. Full maintenance history and costs are retained. Two stage invoicing provides flexibility to preview and edit invoices to ensure accurate and correct billing.

M1 provides Labor Scheduling and Dispatch functions to optimize the deployment of your technical team.

M1 supports preventative maintenance, corrective and predictive maintenance, equipment configuration, repair history, spare parts inventory, labor costs, parts procurement, work order generation and warranties. Full transparency with extensive drill downs, queries and reports are provided throughout the system.

Key functions and benefits

  • Corrective and Preventive Maintenance
  • Improve equipment utilization and decrease downtime
  • Reduce and track maintenance costs
  • Improve productivity of maintenance activities
  • Control and visibility with instant access to all Equipment Master Data and reports.
  • Track Work Order history and cost of maintenance services
  • Update equipment life and metrics.
  • Dramatically increase warranty claims recovery
  • Match labor resources with the maintenance workload
  • Provide for a safer working environment
  • Links for easy access to maintenance drawings and documentats
  • Ensure consistent and best maintenance practices and procedures
  • Alerts and queries to ensure maintenance is performed at the right time, with the right parts in stock
  • Accurate and timely work order billing for faster collection