M1 Functions in overview

Maintenance Work Requests
Maintenance Work Requests permits the entry of work requests, the approval of those requests, and the generation of maintenance work orders from those requests. The work request inquiries provides inquires such as equipment maintenance history and list of outstanding work requests.

Maintenance Work Orders
Maintenance Work Orders permits the generation of maintenance work orders, the release of the work order, the issuing of required parts, and the completion and close of the work order. This module also tracks and displays scheduled work orders as well as enabling you to perform queries and reports on these work orders.

Preventive Maintenance
Preventative Maintenance (PM) permits and tracks the generation of preventative maintenance schedules as well as their execution. It is based on standard life cycles defined in the equipment master of M1. Users can set-up PM procedures and create PM work order schedules based on these procedures.

Time and Expense
In this module, M1 users can enter their labor hours for work completed on the Maintenance Work Orders assigned to them. This data is used for costing and customer billing for the Work Orders.

Operating Metrics
This is where M1 users enter and update equipment life and usage at frequent time intervals. This data is used to calculate the average usage per day to project the PM work orders schedule

Equipment Configuration
Equipment Configuration is where the Equipment Master Data in located. The Equipment Master Data contains a huge array of information relating to the maintained equipment or asset, including Inspections, parent-child, Configurations, Life Cycles, Maintenance Procedures and information relating to the Warranty tracking for parts and/or labor relating to the equipment.

Maintenance Activities
Maintenance Activities is where all the details of the tasks to be performed are defined as well as Instructions are tracked for all maintained Equipment and assets on M1.

Warranty Claims
Warranty Claims are generated when maintenance work is performed that is under warranty. The warranty Claims are tracked here, from issuing the claim and amount, sending to the manufacturer or other warranty provider, entering the received amount, and closing the claim. Warranty Claims inquiries can also be performed in this module.

The ‘Billing’ module generates invoices for maintenance work orders and creates journal entries in the Sales A/R module of B1. The detail line in journal entries includes the parts, labor, expenses and other charges for each Maintenance Work Order. Users can preview the draft invoice, edit the invoice before generating the final invoice. In the ‘Reports’ menu for Maintenance, users may review and print the invoices.

A full set of reports are provided for maintenance users as well as management reports with drill down capabilities for tracking Maintenance costs and history. All reports are created using SAP Crystal Reports.

Definitions for M1 in ‘Setup’
Under the Administration module of SAP Business One, users will be familiar with the system setups relating to Inventory, Sales, Purchasing, Financials, user privileges and access etc. System configuration and parameters are defined in SAP Business One Set-up. Under the Setup menu, M1R1 has added a full set of Maintenance Setup screens to enter and manage the set-up data for M1 some of which will tie-in to the other system set-ups for SAP Business One. M1 users can define such parameters as fault types, Bill of Materials, Maintenance Procedures and activities, Charge rates, Authorization Groups and approval procedures for full M1 Maintenance administration and workflow settings.