M1R1 Release  9.3.8-SLD-x64-x86

Download M1R1 Release M1R1 Release 9.3.8-SLD-x64-x86 for SAP Business One 9.3 PL11 and PL12

This package is CUSTOMER specific and is only available for ACVN

 M1R1 Release 9.3.8 is synchronized to and contains all bug fixes of the following versions:

  • Release 10.0.5 on SAP Business One 10.0
  • Release 9.2.41 on SAP Business One 9.2

New / Fixed in this version:

  • Users are Unable to find WO by Equipment due to  M1 automatically add a space in the search string.
  • M1 WO Labor Scheduling is not added when Sequence Number is not Equal to Line Id in the Procedure Activity list and/or a Incorrect Activity number with Line Id is added.
  • M1 Employee Work Time Sheet Screen freezes when  you enter a specific time by Example with a duration of 20 minutes.
  • Work Time Sheet now also display the WorkTime in Days:Hours:Min format.


  • Generate Preventive Maintenance WO Description Extended from 80 to 254 characters.
  • M1 Work Request Description in [Generate Work Order] displayed incorrectly as is in Work Request.
  • Enhanced Error Log/Message System in the PM engine.


  • PM Engine has option to run in 'Test-Mode'  No actual PM Workorders are Generated only Displayed to be generated. This is checked by default.


  • Equipment Procedure List now also displays the Procedure Group to which the Procedure belongs.








  • New Screen to Display Equipment Planned Procedures without Life Cycle data (No Planned Workorders can be generated for these Equipments due to missing Data).