M1R1 Release 9.2.42-SLD-x64-x86

Download M1R1 Release 9.2.42-SLD-x64-x86 for SAP Business One 9.2 PL05 or higher versions.

 M1R1 Release 9.2.42 is synchronized to and contains all bug fixes of the following versions:

  • Release 10.0.6 on SAP Business One 10.0
  • Release 9.3.9 on SAP Business One 9.3

Note: The M1R1 SLD Package cannot be administered through the Add-On Administration screen. It must be administered through the System Landscape Directory application on the SAP® B1 Server.

This release of M1R1 add-on is for installation through the SAP Business One Extension Manager for Lightweight Deployment Method. Use of this Method requires that the SAP® Business One System Landscape Directory is installed on the SAP® B1 Server.

With this feature, you have the following key benefits:

  • Automated life cycle management of extensions without user interaction
  • Zero operational down time required for extension deployment
  • No administrator privileges required for end users to install the extension

New / Fixed in this version:

  • Enhanced Error Log/Message System in the PM engine: Display additional information when zero PM workorders will be generated for a equipment instead of a empty screen.