M1R1 Release 9.2.42-ACVN-x64-x86

Download M1R1 Release 9.2.42-ACVN-x64-x86 for SAP Business One 9.2 PL05 or higher versions.

This package is CUSTOMER specific and is only available for ACVN

 M1R1 Release 9.2.42 is synchronized to and contains all bug fixes of the following versions:

  • Release 10.0.6 on SAP Business One 10.0
  • Release 9.3.9 on SAP Business One 9.3

Note: The M1R1 SLD Package cannot be administered through the Add-On Administration screen. It must be administered through the System Landscape Directory application on the SAP® B1 Server.

This release of M1R1 add-on is for installation through the SAP Business One Extension Manager for Lightweight Deployment Method. Use of this Method requires that the SAP® Business One System Landscape Directory is installed on the SAP® B1 Server.

With this feature, you have the following key benefits:

  • Automated life cycle management of extensions without user interaction
  • Zero operational down time required for extension deployment
  • No administrator privileges required for end users to install the extension

New / Fixed in this version:

  • Enhanced Error Log/Message System in the PM engine: Display additional information when zero PM workorders will be generated for a equipment instead of a empty screen.